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Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

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Writing from the heart, Marcia weaves together stories, relevant reflections, professional advice and selected photographs.

Serene Spring Garden with Creek

Pressure Relief

While quietly sitting with two members of my support team, they recently asked me, “What’s your pressure”? I was pleasantly startled being asked this interesting

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Happy Woman with grandchild

Love is Medicine

Sitting in the comforts of my home office, I watch with shock and compassion as the death toll rises from the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake. Yet,

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Person hugging a tree by a river

Take Me to the River

Hello Dear Ones, Waking up in the morning to gentle drops of rain is pure joy. Here in Southern California, the parched earth is receiving

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Lavender Fields in Italy with socially distanced dining

Post-Traumatic Growth

Hello Dear Ones, Have you noticed how your intentional growth, requires a wider bandwidth these days? To be able to sit with contrasting emotions and

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