Marcia Newman

Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

Marcia's Blog

Writing from the heart, Marcia weaves together stories, relevant reflections, professional advice and selected photographs.

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Go for the Ease

This morning I woke up to the early morning light. Peering at the sun’s warming presence, it cascades across the hills behind our home and

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Give a Hoot

Two recent night visits from a large great-horned owl have reminded me to “give a hoot”. Wise Old Souls know that if you are true

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Coastal California

Free Yourself

Whew! I’m feeling more relaxed and grateful after having some needed time off. Jim and I had a beautiful trip to the Central Coast of

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The Gifts of Pro-Aging

Wonderful to connect with you here and offer my recent free Podcast! This conversation about conscious aging is with NEXT Producer & friend, Elizabeth Ribons.

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