Waking up to the New Old

There is an old African proverb that says Youth can walk faster, but the Elder knows the road. A 98-year-old Elder, who I’ve been privileged to know, recently announced that it was his time to go. I met Norman through my oldest stepson. He was his maternal Grandfather. A few days ago, Norman called his family and besties into his assisted living room and said “I’ve had a good run.” According to those present, it was a complete love fest. Like the Boeing aeronautics that Norman helped create, the next evening, he took off like a bright rocket ship during his nighttime sleep. As a conscious grateful elder, he knew and accepted his road.

Soyuz launch seen from east of Almaty in Kazakhstan
Photo by Richard Gatley – Unsplash
In memory of Norman

Aging with intention and vitality is not an easy, swift walk in the park. It takes years of compassionate awareness to know, accept and understand who we really are. We learn that tending to one’s body, mind and soul becomes a daily necessity not a luxury. Thankfully, that’s a line I’ve been able to cross. I’m not talking about ego-centric measures. Rather, it’s a deep call from within to carve out precious time to be with that divine source inside. This is the part of me that knows the road and is the road of life.

Also, my elder intention is to nourish my physical being with good things and good people with whatever time I have left. I pick and choose more wisely. It feels right to wake up to this new old.

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself.

I really like this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert, an author who believes that writers can find better stories by investigating their inner and outer world. She’s not a big fan of learning to write in workshops or in college classrooms. The Eat, Pray, Love author held various jobs including waitress, bartender and trail cook while storing up more experiences for her writing. Clearly, she’s a fan of whatever adventures touch her heart.

What is feeding your heart these days? Take the time to listen and feel what’s there. Want to make a difference in these very troubling times? You can. My suggestion is to feed the revolution of your heart. Lean into that which helps you to feel good. Drop the guilt trips and the rocky road of resentments. Find and enjoy your simple gifts, and when you can, share them with others.

From my own heart space, I’m pulling together more pro-aging ideas, interviews and resources. Sharing elder wisdom is the new old.

Especially, this is our time on Earth to heed the advice of mature and wise women. There is more to be revealed.

Thank you, for joining me here on the road. Sending you much love and support.