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Five Gifts of Pro-Aging:  Honoring Maturity in A Culture That Could Use It

Hey, this book is chocked full of years’ worth of therapy! It piqued my interest, and pricked my conscious. Had to laugh aloud...what a great resource to continue our growth as humans.

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Five Gifts of Pro-Aging:  Honoring Maturity in A Culture That Could Use It

In this timely guidebook, Marcia Newman brings a fresh response to an anti-aging culture that targets adults to find their value in remaining youthful-looking.  Five Gifts of Pro-Aging was born out of Marcia’s own mid-life aging crisis and her decades of professional work with especially women, who have found themselves increasingly obsessed with the insatiable practice of nip, tuck, highlight, laser and fill.  Through humor and her no-nonsense style, Marcia provides valuable tips, motivational questions, and personal stories to help you age consciously and comfortably.

Five Gifts of Pro-Aging  will help you to:
  • Take stock of your own aging phobia.
  • Uncover from prolific social stigmas about growing older.
  • Learn about feminine carry-over behaviors and how to transform them.
  • Clear up unfinished business and bring honor to your maturity.
  • Feed your seasoned inner animal with the gift of wildness.
  • Join with other Pro-agers in the Conscious Aging Movement and to help bring the humane back into humanity.

Pro-Aging with Passion!  Workshop and Retreat

A fresh response to our anti-aging culture

1-Day Workshop – Open to All
  • 6 CE’s - continuing education for psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals
  • Conducted Online and/or In Person
  • Upcoming 2024 Dates: to be announced
Weekend Retreat Workshop - Available upon Request
  • Held at Nature-based locations
Holding Hands

About Pro-Aging with Passion!  Workshop and Retreat

This timely workshop explores the impact of ageism on the individual and collective psyche.  It’s time to openly challenge our anti-aging society and its restricted roles of maturity.  Learn conscious aging tools that are meant to be liberating!  Join Marcia & guests in creating a new and healthy pro-aging vision and receive passionate support to embrace this full adventure of life.

Teachings are appropriate for psychotherapists, other healthcare professionals and the general public.  Healthcare professionals will be able to incorporate tools and practices offered in this workshop/retreat that can be beneficial to clients or patients.

Experienced Speaker and Media Host

Is your Organization looking for a professional Keynote Speaker, MC or Host?
Are you from the Media looking for an Expert Interview on aging, wellness and collaborative communications?

Marcia Newman, MA, LMFT, brings decades of clinical expertise to the stage. She is also a trained actress with theatre and television experience.  Marcia is an Author, Professional Speaker, Podcaster Contributor, Media Host, and Advocate for the Conscious Aging Movement which addresses personal and societal ageism and promotes affirmative aging attitudes and humane actions.

Marcia Newman
Free Podcast with Marcia Newman and Elizabeth Ribons
Keynote Speaker Presentations and Media Appearances include:

Media Writer

For PremRawat

Blending her interviewing expertise, unique perspectives and writing skills, Marcia provides in-depth articles of behind the scenes of Prem Rawat’s work and its positive impact on people around the world.

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