Welcome Pura Vida

Walking through the vibrant rainforests have heightened all my senses. Multi-shades of mossy green plants, towering trees, colorful birds, busy insects and curious animals that I had only seen in pictures, came fully alive in living color. We even saw a sloth that was moving relatively fast, for a sloth.

In Costa Rica, the warm pouring rain only seems to enhance what is known as “Pura Vida”. Its meaning is “pure life” and it perfectly describes the simple, joyful outlook of many Costa Ricans. Not only is it exchanged as a greeting to one another, it appears to have grown into a lifestyle that reminds us to accept and enjoy what is. The “pura vida” approach encourages truly living in each moment, finding joy in the simple things and feeling gratitude from your core. No surprise that this “Blue Zone” beautiful country has received high scores for well-being, happiness and life longevity.

Woman walking in Rainforest
Exploring The Children's Eternal Rainforest - Costa Rica
Photo of Marcia by James Barrass

It was our second trip back to Costa Rica, this time marking my 65th Birthday. In the current dryness of Los Angeles, I needed to connect to the strength of Mother Earth, to visit a place where nature is still kicking butt and water is abundant. My farming ancestors were calling and a friend’s referral gave me the perfect spot.

Finca Luna Nueva is a living classroom and ecolodge. It is also a working farm that is dedicated to the next wave of biodiversity farming called “regenerative agriculture”. The paradise ecolodge provides farm-to-table meals while also regenerating soil and reversing climate change. Not bad for a day’s work of saving our planet.

Now back in the States, I’m open to experience more pura vida–this pure life. I know deep down, we’re all craving it too. We crave it because it’s there, inside us. This simple lightness of being is who we really are.

In many parts of our world, we see people filled with generational trauma, acting out with one another in brutal ways. Clearly, funding more military weapons is not the solution. The tool of consciousness can be our finest weapon. Most likely, I’m preaching to the choir here.

Thank you for your commitment and courage to keep healing your heavy loads. Thank you for shining your beautiful light in these darker winter days. Together, all of our little lights and warmth and kindness do matter.

Wishing you Pura Vida and Happy Holidays!