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Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

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Individual and Couples Therapy / Private Consultations

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  • Tired of trying to manage your anxiety, fears, and doubts on your own?
  • Are you having difficulty learning to accept things as they are and/or making some needed changes?
  • Are you experiencing repeated struggles in your relationship with others, partner or spouse?
  • As you’re aging, are you finding that critical (fear-based) voice inside your head, becoming louder?

In these continued challenging times, experienced help is here for you.   I offer Individual and Couples Therapy / Consultations for Adults (over 18 years old).  My specialties focus on life transitions, anxiety reduction, trauma healing, relationship and marriage support, career and retirement planning, and aging wellness.   Three basic tenants of my work are about building hope, developing new strengths and insights while garnering gratitude which can foster a more fulfilling life for you and your loved ones.  My forte is providing the best tools of modern psychology integrated with the teachings of ancient wisdom.

About Marcia

Marcia Newman, MA, LMFT is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC#43065), Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #1851) and Wisconsin Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT #421).

Marcia Newman is also a Certified Clinical Telemental Health (online) Provider.

If you’d like to learn more about Marcia’s background, visit the About page.

Marcia Newman

What Approaches Does Marcia Use in Therapy and Private Consultations?

I incorporate multiple approaches, depending on each client’s need in the moment.  I may use a Somatic (mind-body) based approach to exploring the wisdom of our feelings.  Instead of becoming a “talking head” and going over and over one’s life stories, we’ll track the body to see what feelings, signals, memories, and images emerge from under the words.

We will interact to examine how your current thoughts affect your behaviors.  Applying a Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) approach allows my clients to shift their limiting beliefs (cognitive distortions) into more confident solutions. 

If you want to improve your mental health for the long haul, do Family of Origin work, also known as Family Systems Therapy.  Your family of origin is the people you grew up with; parents, caregivers, siblings and extended family members.  Your family of origin has a considerable impact on your development.  As many studies can attest, your family of origin helps to shape your worldview, determines how you relate to and interact with others, and has a big effect on your mental, physical and spiritual health.  Together, we will explore unresolved family of origin dynamics that may be causing chronic stress, unhealthy choices, low self-esteem, stuck emotions, and maybe even discover some beliefs that aren’t even yours.

Many of our present behaviors are influenced by our past.  Depth Psychology and Psychodynamic techniques including dream interpretation and journaling can assist in bringing our unconscious (shadow) parts to more self-awareness. My role is to provide a safe and caring environment, where we can build a healthy alliance (bond) during our designated time together.  I also believe that a healthy therapy/coaching environment should not foster long-term dependency, but rather enhance a client’s ability to learn the essential tools in becoming one’s own best therapist.

My approach to Couples Therapy is done with reverence.  Each of us is a mirror to another, especially in our most heated moments.  I help couples find their courage, compassion, and clear voices, so they can move beyond being stuck in silence, fighting, distance, blaming and resentments.  I teach individuals in couples how to be relational—learning to understand our individual responses, practicing kindness with honesty, identifying wants and needs, and making the needed changes.  These are all crucial elements needed to enhance intimacy between all types of couples, of all ages.

In addition, my professional orientation is highly influenced by my own long-term practice with 12-Step Recovery Programs and the transformational offerings by Prem Rawat, global peace educator.

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How Do I Schedule?

Marcia is currently accepting new adult clients via TeleHealth (online) only.

Rates:  $195 for a 50-minute Individual Session/Consultation
Rates:  $225 for a 50-minute Couples Session/Consultation

A sliding scale fee is also available, upon request. Full payment is required at the time services are provided. A credit or debit card is will need to be provided and is protected through a secured portal. For insurance coverage, see below.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Will my Insurance Cover This?

Marcia provides insurance billing for authorized Kaiser Permanente clients.  Kaiser Permanente clients will need to pay their co-payment at each time of the session with a credit or debit card, protected through a secure online portal.

Prior to scheduling, please contact your insurance company to learn more about your mental health benefits and possible reimbursement for Marcia’s out-of-network provider services. If you wish to utilize your mental health insurance, a psychological diagnosis is required.  At your initial consultation, Marcia will discuss this diagnosis with you since it does need to be included on your detailed receipt that can be mailed to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Your insurance company may request Marcia’s professional license numbers:

  • California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC#43065)
  • Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #1851)
  • Wisconsin Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT #421)