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Finding Peace in a Noisy World

September 12th, 2021

Hello Wise Ones,

I’m so pleased to connect again. How are you doing?

Regardless of where you find yourself on this life journey, please know that you are doing an amazing job! Being a conscious human being on this Earth is no small task.

Old Souls know that if you are true to Yourself, then anything is truly possible. That Self requires one thing of you right now. Pay attention. Don’t be so distracted by this growing louder world that can rob you of your own serenity and well-being.

I know you want a better planet too, filled with more sanity. First things first. What is the secret sauce in this recipe that can help us? First, nourish your human heart and that divine delight can truly feed others. In fact, two recent night visits from a large great-horned owl has helped me to “give a hoot”.

This is your time to focus on releasing what needs to be released (especially anger, resentments, worry, self doubt, complaining, gossip, exhaustion and more grief) AND expand what needs to be expanded (more kindness, forgiveness, self worth, gratitude, awe, better sleep & relaxation, noticing the good in others and inner contentment). If you need more help with this, then reach out!

Find that person who understands and is qualified enough based on their own professional and life learnings. I support you!

I’m also excited to share with you a FREE Online Author Event with Prem Rawat, this Tuesday – September 14th.  Live from New York!  Go to TimelessToday.TV 5pm EDT / 3pm CDT / 2pm PDT

I was recently interviewed and asked to provide a review of Prem’s new book: Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World (Available on Amazon or your nearest bookseller).

“In modern psychology, the psyche tends to represent just the mind. Prem Rawat’s work goes beyond the words while still honoring the intellect. He’s like a Zen cupid that shoots and aims for that thirsty heart!  Hear Yourself  is a fulfilling read.”

~Marcia Newman, Psychotherapist / Conscious Aging Consultant

Protect Your Wild Child

June 14th, 2021

Dear Ones,

Whew! I’m feeling more relaxed and grateful after having some needed time off. Jim and I had a beautiful trip to the Central Coast of California. Thank goodness for Mother Nature!

It brings out my inner wild child and she loves her freedom. As tough as the Pandemic was, I found relief from not having to make so many decisions. With fewer choices, I had less things crammed into my calendar. I found more freedom in saying ‘No’ because it was the healthier choice for me and my loved ones.

Now, as things are opening up without so many filters, my wild child is feeling threatened. She doesn’t like the increased noise and busyness that is encroaching on her sacred territory. In fact, she’s kinda pissed off. I’m paying close attention to this inner wisdom.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s not-so-overjoyed by all this “unlockdown”. I’m sending you support to listen to yourself and follow your own pace. Monitor…Monitor. No need to get sucked into the encroaching expectations of others or these growing demands we are so use to placing on ourselves.

Take good care,


Pandemic Pro-Aging w/ Marcia – a podcast

March 8th, 2021

Wonderful to connect with you here and offer my recent free Podcast!

My “Gifts of Pro-Aging” podcast is in conversation with my friend, Elizabeth Ribons, NEXT Producer which supports women to “leverage change” through media, courses, events and curated resources of experts.
I hope you enjoy the Podcast. If you find it helpful, thanks for passing it along!

Here’s the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/next-with-elizabeth-ribons/id1529632127?uo=4&i=1000511301102&itscg=30200&itsct=podcast_box

P.S. The Podcast is for Men too!

Celebrate Sitting Still – 2020 Holiday Blog

November 23rd, 2020

Oh soul, you worry too much. You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty.  You have seen your golden wings. Of anything less, why do you worry? You are in truth the soul, of the soul.  ~Rumi

Hello Dear Ones,
Standing or swimming in the ocean, is one of my happy places. It’s a source of strength that even Rumi would probably acknowledge. What about you? Where are you pulling strength from these days?
As the uncertainty in our world grows louder, it’s essential to protect our hearts and calm our minds. As my clients know, this inner work is necessary if you wish to claim a contented life. Each day is a chance to embrace and heal a bit more of these judgmental and worrisome parts of me. That means more attention to my daily practice of “sitting still” through meditation and prayer. On a good day, I treat my self to a morning and evening practice. Why? Essentially it helps helps me to clear the noise and celebrate this life, no matter what.

Over 900 years ago, female medieval poet and composer, Hildegard of Bingen stated “be not lax in celebrating.” Catholic or not, I have found myself fascinated with Saint Hildegard. In her visions and writings, she experienced all things in the light of God through the five senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Hildegard lived most of her 80+ years in a hilltop monastery in the Germanic Rhineland area. I guess she knew a thing or two about sitting still. Remarkably, Hildegard was also one of the first identifiable composers (male or female) in the history of Western music. Yet no surprise, you won’t find her mentioned in history books. As a holiday treat, I’m reviving Saint Hildegard through one of her songs written for her nuns to sing at their devotions.
Click here to enjoy Hildegard’s “A Feather On The Breath of God”

So, we know these 2020 Holidays are looking very different. We can do this. We can learn to celebrate while sitting still within ourselves. Remember, if you want to see more of your your loved ones in 2021, do your part. Stay home. Keep it simple. And if you do need to go out, stay masked and keep conscious of your spacing between one another.

I send you my Warmest Greetings, Love and Support. Thank you for being with me.~Marcia

Tame the mind, Wake the heart

May 30th, 2020

As I witness this world today especially my very ill country, I’m called to dig deeper into compassion. To do this, I must rally my heart. What I know is this. In me and in you, is a place of calm. There is no virus, prejudice or violence there but only well-being. We must nurture that practical and precious light that we truly are. I’m not suggesting any spiritual mumbo-jumbo here. Rather, that we put solid “boots on the ground” with our hearts wide open.  We must tame this beast.
We start with ourselves. What are you spreading these days? 
If you hang around me, you know that I repeat two important things. First, awaken your heart and enjoy coming home to your best self. Secondly, find and practice a simple and effective method of emotional processing. As I mention in my book, “it doesn’t really matter if six enlightened Zen Buddhists came up with the technique or not. What’s important is that you use one, especially when you least want to.”
Tame your mind, please. Take responsibility for the type of boot signature that you are leaving now on our fragile terra firma. 
I personally and professionally know how difficult it can be to swaddle this frightened and angry mind.  Emotions need expression. I get it. But first can we just ask ourselves this question; “Does this current thought or action that I’m about to say or do, does it uplift or degrade/threaten the safety and well-being of another human being including myself?”
A good mental health practice involves taking lots of pauses. A few seconds of stillness can save lives these days. One breath in and out can carry so much wisdom.

How Slow Can You Go?

September 30th, 2019

Greetings! It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch with you via my blog. I hope that you are well and thank you for taking the time to connect here. I’ve been a busy bee!  With some important nudging from the Universe, I’m being “encouraged” to write & reflect more, slow down my pace and all that comes with it.  Last month, while body-surfing in the Pacific, I got a wake-up call.  I didn’t choose wisely and took too big of a wave. And it took me! Thankfully, I have recovered physically but I have yet to fully face Mother Ocean again.  I’m being humbly reminded of that immense Power that sustains these bodies of water including me. In the 12-Step rooms, we call it becoming “right-sized”.  

As a healthy aging advocate, this topic of going slower is an important one. We live in a culture that says “slowness is bad”. We often distract ourselves from ourselves.  In fact, our society seems to reject “slow” and pretty much the whole process of aging.   When Jim and I were in Costa Rica earlier this year, we absolutely experienced what the locals refer to as “pura vida” (the simple or pure life). One of my favorite countryside signs which was creatively crafted and colorfully painted. It read: SLOW THE F— DOWN.   Upon seeing it, I burst into laughter and hope you receive the wisdom from this reminder as well.  

If you’d like to explore and gain support with healthy pro-aging, I’ll be co-facilitating my “Aging with Passion” Workshop on Sunday, October 13th in the Thousand Oaks, CA area. More information is included in the attached link below. We would love to have you join us!

Aging with Passion! – Workshop Flyer

The Strength of Love: Q & A

May 28th, 2018

Greetings, I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying this end of May 2018 time!

Jim and I just returned from a holiday morning hike with a visit from a large blue heron near Malibu Creek and matilija poppies lining one of the trails (see photo above). Mother Nature continues to save me, one more time. She provides reminders that within our daily fragility there is strength and gorgeous beauty that is still growing. As I’ve shared in my book, if you want to be reminded how age can look and feel magnificent, return to the earth. Mother Nature ages well. So can we.

Question: When you look back over all the years you’ve been practicing, what’s the biggest difference about your psychotherapy today from when you began over 32 years ago?

MN response: As I’ve continued my own inner work over several decades, I’ve definitely more comfortable with my own humanness. I’m less critical and less censoring of my self-disclosure with clients. I’m also more direct in how I connect with others. Time and safety are very precious commodities. Within that therapy time, it’s my role and good fortune to embody warmth, honesty and really call upon the strength of love.

Another big difference from several decades ago, I’m a ninja of the here-and-now. In becoming less rattled by the demands and noise of this world, I’m able to channel more calm and peace. More than ever, good therapy and a life well lived is about recognizing these special moments of being alive, feeling connected and appreciative.

Finally, my clients know that I am there for them. I’m game to go into any depths. Bring it on! I often joke reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I know this neighborhood. We’ll go into this darker street together—OK?” My job is not that easy. Yet, I continue to have a front row seat to witness and support so many incredible lives.

a timely Holiday message from Marcia

December 5th, 2017

Winds are blowing…be safe!


As I look back on this topsy-turvy past year, I’m in awe of the incredible light of goodness that has not been snuffed out. Each day I’m on a personal and professional mission to notice what’s working and to feed what’s beautiful and truly humane. Many moments of 2017, I have had to dig deep to find it. And I know that I’m not alone in this mission. Thank you for continuing to share your light and love!

Our collective prayers to those being affected by our California fires and too many others around the world who remain homeless.

Higher Power, your comfort is needed. Help each of us to soothe the fire of suffering with compassion, generosity and hope.

The gift from the mechanic

August 25th, 2017

We all have a gift. My gift is akin to being a mechanic. Instead of working on cars, I work on people and humanity.

We come into life on Earth, fully assembled. If not, hopefully medical science and/or the Divine intervene to give us enough parts to make us road worthy.

Chugging along the way, we all experience road damage, wear and tear, and weather conditions whether we are driving solo or packing a full load of passengers. Parts of us get stolen, places in us start leaking and some parts need replacing. In other words, as my first husband often wisely said; everything is maintenance, my dear.

Over time, the mechanic will eventually need to go deep into the belly of the engine. It’s called an overhaul.

Yet, the expert mechanic doesn’t go in alone. She goes in with proper light and hopefully, the best tools and tracking system possible.

It gets messy working inside the engine. Deconstruction occurs piece by piece. Sections of our car (personality) are lying around awaiting examination. This is the essence our needed inner work for positive change and growth.

When it’s tougher job (the longer you wait and the deeper you go), make sure you get a good mechanic. Why? Number one: You want to make sure your engine is in fact repaired (those broken-unloved aspects of self are revealed and healed). Number two (and most importantly): You make it back safely with a fuller capacity for compassion and joy!

Thought for the day:
God (Divine Master Mechanic) help me to ask and receive the help I need today. Only then, can I truly help others.

A lesson from the trenches

August 8th, 2017

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Delayed grief. I’ve seen so much of it over the years in working with clients.

It’s now hitting home. My own sorrow is emerging while working in the trenches with our nation’s deadliest drug epidemic ever. A few days a week, I consult at a local outpatient facility that specializes in drug addiction and mental health services. One of my clients in his early 30’s, has lost over 10 friends (and still counting) from fatal overdoses over the past four months. Two of them, I worked with directly. Even the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office can’t keep up.

Opioid and other prescription drug abuse isn’t just taking out our young people by the droves. Nearly 14,000 people age 45+ died from an opioid overdose in 2015–42% of all such deaths in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The actual number is probably much higher. Overdoses in older people are often mislabeled as heart failure, a respiratory issue or linked to a fall.

So how did we get here? Over-prescription. In 2012, 259 million opioid prescriptions were written by their physicians. This translates to one script for every adult in the U.S. Who are the new drug dealers? Older Americans are now selling their painkillers to drug dealers to raise needed cash. As Mahatma Ji would probably say, dark and “dirty feet”, indeed.

Well, if you’re still reading this blog, I give you credit. I’m not trying to depress or scare you, really. I need to vent!

My clients who died were good people. They were gentle and beautiful men who got lost in their dirtiness. Heck, we all hold loads of dirt within us. To uphold what’s right and good, I choose to remember them in their happiest sober days at the clinic. And I shed tears because I can.

Perhaps, you or a loved one, are also shedding another layer of worldly dirt and tears?
Bravo then, courageous ones as you allow yourself to feel, let go and hopefully, hunker down with the Divine.

With much love always,