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Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

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Writing from the heart, Marcia weaves together stories, relevant reflections, professional advice and selected photographs.

watching a red night sky

Whine or Shine?

It’s been fun sharing my new book! It warms my heart to hear that many of you are liking the ripeness of this timely pro-aging message. In our youth-obsessed

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Burning whight candles in the ddark

In Memory of

Sitting in a recent memorial service for a friend, I was deeply moved by the gift that was extended to those of us who gathered

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airplane wing in the clouds

Share What You Know

I’m just back from the Seattle, Washington area where I gave a well-received keynote talk and workshop to over 600 mental health practitioners.  Thankfully, I

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Godess of Estrogen

The Goddess of Estrogen

In the not-so-distant past, around the Spring Equinox and its related full moon, those who lived closed to the land would honor the divine feminine

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