Marcia Newman

Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

The Gift of The Mechanic

We all have a gift. My gift is akin to being a mechanic. Instead of working on cars, I work on people and in a sense re-building engines for humanity.

Most of us come into life on Earth, fully assembled. If not, hopefully medical science and the gift of life intervenes to give us enough parts to make us road worthy.

Chugging along the way, we all experience road damage, wear and tear, and weather conditions whether we are driving solo or packing a full load of passengers. Along this road trip parts of us may get stolen, places in us start leaking and some need replacing. As my first husband often wisely said; everything is maintenance, my dear.

Impala under the hood

In time, the mechanic will need to go deep into the belly of the engine. It’s called an overhaul.

Yet, the expert mechanic knows not to go in alone. She goes in with proper light and hopefully, the best tools and diagnostic tracking system available.

It will get messy working inside the engine. Deconstruction must occur piece by piece. Sections of our car (personality traits, desires, fears, etc.) are lying around awaiting examination.   This is the essence of a well examined life.  It’s called doing our inner work.

For the tougher jobs; the longer you wait and the deeper you go, make sure you get an experienced mechanic. Why? Number one: You want to make sure your engine is in fact being repaired properly.  A surface job won’t cut it.  A well-seasoned worker knows how best to reveal those broken-unloved parts of self and facilitate healing. Number two (and most importantly):  You want to make sure you make it back safe and sound with a fuller capacity to enjoy your life.  In other words, your engine and vehicle are now operating more smoothly and it will sparkle.

Thought for the day:

Higher Power (Divine Master Mechanic) help me to ask and receive the help I need today. Only then, can I truly help others.

See you in the garage,