Marcia Newman

Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

Tame the mind, wake the heart

As I witness our world today especially the very divided country I live in, I’m called to dig deeper into compassion. To do this, I must rally my heart. It is the only consistent place where calm lives. There is no virus, prejudice or violence there but only well-being. We must nurture this practical and precious light that we truly are. I’m not spreading spiritual mumbo-jumbo here. This is about putting our solid “boots on the ground” with our hearts wide open. We must tame this beast. Peace is possible.

We must start with ourselves. What are you spreading these days?

graphic of simplified person hanging on heart

If you hang around me, you know that I repeat two important things. First, awaken your heart and make the effort to be your best self each day. Progress not perfection. Secondly, find and practice a simple and effective method of emotional processing. As I mention in my book, “it doesn’t really matter if six enlightened Zen Buddhists came up with the technique or not. What’s important is that you use one, especially when you least want to.”

Tame your mind, please. Take responsibility for the type of boot signature that you are leaving now on our fragile terra firma and monitor your reactions to other fellow travelers.

I personally and professionally know how difficult it can be to swaddle a frightened and angry mind. Emotions need expression. I get it. Yet, save yourself from more struggle. First ask yourself this question; Does my current thought or proposed action UPLIFT or DEGRADE or threaten the safety and well-being of another human being (including myself)?”

A good mental health practice involves taking lots of pauses. A few seconds of stillness can save lives these days. One longer breath in and out can carry so much wisdom.