Go for the Ease

This morning I woke up to the early morning light. Peering at the sun’s warming presence, it cascades across the hills behind our home and spotlight the rain-darkened trees. This is a simple sweet moment. I’m actually present to it. It fills my heart with meaning.

This is exactly what I crave and need; more moments of connecting to what is right in front of me. Whether I’m doing my laundry (yuck) and noticing my attitude towards it, or standing in the kitchen with my sweetie and sharing some laughter. These precious moments are calling my name.

Poppy Image

What about you? What recent moments have brought you meaning? What about these simple, sweet moments as you take the time to read this?

My perfect ending to this 2021 year, is about slowing it down. Taking time away from my work. Calming my nervous system. Being in nature. Listening to music and singing along! Replenishing. Living my life instead of trying to change my life and other people’s lives.

Be a maverick this Holiday Season. Go for the ease. Practice patience, simplicity and good cheer. Reign in that active monkey-mind that wants you to cram in one more activity including buying stuff you cannot afford. Monitor your denial of the need for continued safety as we gather together.

Remember to take it easy on yourself and others. May you experience more joy-filled moments filled with ease.

With love & support,