Marcia Newman

Psychotherapist, Conscious Aging Consultant & Author

The Goddess of Estrogen

In the not-so-distant past, around the Spring Equinox and its related full moon, those who lived closed to the land would honor the divine feminine in joyful ceremony. Her honored name is Ostara. The word “estrogen” is said to have been derived from this Anglo-Saxon Germanic Goddess.

Re-emerging today, Ostara represents a time of balance between day/light and night/darkness, new beginnings, fertility, abundance, hope and renewal.   Ostara represents our inner feminine filled with creative powers.   She calls us into communion with nature, the cosmos and all things representing the Divine.

Godess of Estrogen

How does one know when you’re in the presence of your own divine feminine self?  Simply put, you will feel loved, comforted and safe.  Ostara is a gentle archetype about learning to become a loving mother (parent) towards ourselves.  Regardless of our circumstances, there is always a calm place within.  Take the time to feel it.  Ostara shines the full moon light on what’s working and helps us to feel our deep unity with others.

Ostara sings this song:

Like the eternal Moon, I have time.  I have ears to hear, like Rabbit.  I listen. I have eyes to see, like Owl.  I observe.  Always, I run with the Moon.  I feel the pull of the Moon within my body, fertile with possibilities.  Sometimes like Moon, I shine the full light of my being upon those around me.  Sometimes, like Moon, Owl and Rabbit, I withdraw in silence, into the night, for a time.  Like them always, I return.  Like them, I have time.

Tick-Tock, your inner Ostara awaits.  Will you visit and sing with her soon?

With Love & Support,


Painting and song-poem by Helena Nelson-Reed