When Holy isn’t Healthy – Jan 2016

Congratulations, we made it to 2016!
The year 2015 and the holy holidays have come to a close.
Thank God.
Joy and relief fill the air.
Sounds a bit negative? Perhaps, I am.
When speaking recently with my own 12-Step Sponsor (a mentor), she said “Marcia, you sound angry. In fact, I think you’re still pissed off about some things. Why don’t you do some more writing about your anger?”
Oh crap. I hate it when she suggests that I do things that I tell other people to do. While ruminating that I would now be adding my Sponsor to my angry list; she snuck in the Big Gun.
She aimed and fired. With a crystal-clear voice she quietly said “You don’t have to act or try to be Holy all the time, just be human–OK?
Busted with a complete Bulls-Eye!

So before I scurry off to do some more inner work, I wanted to wish YOU the very best for this New Year.

I look forward to staying in touch.
Sending much love & basking in my un-holy-ness.

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