The Strength of Love: Q & A

Greetings, I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying this end of May 2018 time!

Jim and I just returned from a holiday morning hike with a visit from a large blue heron near Malibu Creek and matilija poppies lining one of the trails (see photo above). Mother Nature continues to save me, one more time. She provides reminders that within our daily fragility there is strength and gorgeous beauty that is still growing. As I’ve shared in my book, if you want to be reminded how age can look and feel magnificent, return to the earth. Mother Nature ages well. So can we.

Question: When you look back over all the years you’ve been practicing, what’s the biggest difference about your psychotherapy today from when you began over 32 years ago?

MN response: As I’ve continued my own inner work over several decades, I’ve definitely more comfortable with my own humanness. I’m less critical and less censoring of my self-disclosure with clients. I’m also more direct in how I connect with others. Time and safety are very precious commodities. Within that therapy time, it’s my role and good fortune to embody warmth, honesty and really call upon the strength of love.

Another big difference from several decades ago, I’m a ninja of the here-and-now. In becoming less rattled by the demands and noise of this world, I’m able to channel more calm and peace. More than ever, good therapy and a life well lived is about recognizing these special moments of being alive, feeling connected and appreciative.

Finally, my clients know that I am there for them. I’m game to go into any depths. Bring it on! I often joke reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I know this neighborhood. We’ll go into this darker street together—OK?” My job is not that easy. Yet, I continue to have a front row seat to witness and support so many incredible lives.

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