The Gift of Self-Healing

Aren’t we living in a wild, wild world? If you hang around me, two important things you’ll hear me repeat. Firstly, find a way to tap into the peace inside yourself, every day. If you’re still confused about that, seek the counsel of someone who can put you in touch with sweet self-love.

Secondly, find and practice a simple and effective method of emotional release. It doesn’t really matter if six enlightened Zen Buddhists came up with the technique or not. What’s essential is that you use an emotional processing method (especially when you least want to). With the accelerated pace of what’s coming our way, it’s easy to be emotionally triggered by certain people and situations. Emotions that are acknowledged, honored, and understood will always come to rest more easily.

If you haven’t found a simple and effective emotional processing technique, you can borrow mine. I’ll be reviewing my simple body-mind based approach on my upcoming free call (on 10-15-11) along with other tips on self-healing (see details at
This will be my last free public call in 2011, so hope you can make it!

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