Something You Can’t Lose

Losses. We all experience them. Some losses roll rapidly into our lives in gigantic proportions. In my radio interview this week, the show host’s mother passed away recently (Marcia’s radio show link). With each added year of living, losses of all sizes visit us more frequently–if not daily. Last week, I lost my car key. It’s still missing in action. What does one do when all your losses seem to accumulate into one one big overwhelming pile of you-know-what?!
We can turn to two important things: 1) Learn and practice a simple and effective method of emotional processing and share your life-saving process with a safe person. 2) Every day, practice a way to access and enjoy your true essence within. We do possess something wonderful that can’t get lost!
If you would like more help with the latter, I’d highly recommend that you listen to Prem Rawat live (Event details).
Sending you much love, as always.

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