Raw Moments

Acting classes? Who would have thought I’d be experiencing the leading edge of my humanity in North Hollywood. During class we work on being truthful in the present moment (with or without partners) on stage or in front of the camera. This is called experiencing the raw moments. In the words of the late Sandy Meisner (actor/teacher) acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

It seems we’ve all been cast in this epic production titled; This Precious Life and our Lives Together. Are we standing around scratching our body parts still trying to learn our lines? Or do we know enough and we’re ready to respond /roar from this authentic place?

For many years, my own character has been intrigued with the craft of cultivating meaningful relationships. In my work, I’ve found that women are natural masters of this nurturing and sometimes butt-kicking relational art form.

True self-healing does not occur in a vacuum. Rather, our feminine nature evolves when we witness and share our shifts, gifts and strengths with each other.

Planet Earth is our epic scene location. Mother Divine is begging us to work together in these raw moments of truth or consequences… let’s start with the 17,000 children who will die today from hunger and the BP oil tycoons who need to be held accountable.
Your attitudes and actions count!

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