My Favorite Mistake

Is your sensitivity factor to others in your environment off the Richter scale?

On this topic, here’s my favorite mistake: Over-responsibility for others.
Needless to say, I’ve studied and practiced years to hone this talent. Starting in my childhood, I’d scan the rooms looking for who and what needed my assistance the most. I prided myself in being the “good little helper”.
The truth be told, it was my way of trying to control the uncontrollable.

Here’s 3 tips of how to heal from over-responsibility during these rapidly changing times;

Tip #1. If your own boat feels like it’s capsizing these days it probably is. Look around the deck and notice; Have you taken too many people and things on board? Who and what are you still trying to control? Tend to your own boat.

Tip #2. Are you still carrying excess emotional and physical baggage from your past? Are you feeling resistant to looking at an issue that’s not going away? Ask for assistance.

Tip #3. Are you assuming that the mind chatter you hear is just your own? If you feel distressed ask yourself; “Is this really my own thought/emotion?”
In particular, if you’re a highly sensitive person (intuitive or empath), it’s essential to practice objectivity and know your boundaries. Understandably, you may be taking on what’s going on around you. Be aware as interact with others in in your home, workplace, volunteer circles, governments, or what’s being blasted in news reports or on your social media sites.

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