March 2011 rolling in like a Tsunami!

Forget the Lion or Lamb metaphor; the month of March has rolled in like a Tsunami! After several difficult days of being bounced around, I emerged from my morning meditation with my head above water. WHEW! Victorious, I breathed in the sweet sight of land ahead. However, this landscape I’ve spotted, no longer looks familiar.

No question about it, we are all immersed in a collective tsunami of accelerated change on our planet. Things are churned up all over. Life has become increasingly challenging during this critical time of high speed changes. Dictators and other controlling patriarchy are bravely being challenged. We know these shadow-filled systems of greed and dominance will not disappear overnight.

Likewise, our own blind spots do not surface or fade without awareness and diligent effort. To know ourselves is to recognize not only our inner divinity but also our collected and buried demons. As I witness in my work, there is one thing that has the capacity to produce true healing: the power of consciousness.

As I write this month’s newsletter, I’m feeling oh-so-serious about things. In my enjoyment of life, I don’t want to dismiss my humanity that suffers, sometimes very deeply. If you’re also a highly sensitive person, you’ll find support in this month’s article “My Favorite Mistake”.

From the depths of my heart, I want to acknowledge the power of transformation and those of you who continue to do this work along with me. I send you a thunderous round of applause filled with awe and gratitude!

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