Let’s Make Some History!

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  Give a woman even a micro-credit;      she, her husband, her children and extended family will eat for a lifetime.” —Bono (singer/activist)

As I’ve shared in my book, studies by the United Nations World Bank have shown that women are more likely to contribute to community development than men.  Therefore, women are better candidates for support programs.  Yet, domestically and worldwide, the dignity and respect for human life, especially for women has reached an all-time low.  One out of every six people in the world live on less than one dollar a day; 75% of them are women.

Many ancient cultures have predicted this current time in history.  Kali Yuga–the age of darkness.  “Kali” to Hindus and Buddhists means “strife, discord, quarrel or contention”. 

Hold on tight…we’re about to burn through this Kali!  An image that first emerged for me was that of walking by tons of sleeping bodies.  Today, the image turned into to walking through acres of cemeteries—yes, dead people.  The message? 

“Keep walking…without fear, my fellow humble warriors.” 

Of course, I’m excited for Hillary to win this ball-busting presidential election.  And I’m very clear that she is not my savior. However, she collectively now represents this long overdue feminine that must have this chance, in a world that desperately needs mothering.  

So let’s grow up and make some history.  I’m already celebrating this profound evolutionary event since I see it in the light-filled tunnel–straight ahead. 

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Hold on tight and stay centered.



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