Arrivals & Departures – In Memory of Dad

Your kind expressions have touched me & my family.
Thank you!

Many of you may have already heard that my 82 year old Father passed peacefully on 11-18-11.
As difficult as it is to say goodbye to someone you love, grace has continued to show up. Never in my life have I felt such a wide contrast of feelings. Fortunately, in late October I was able to go back to Wisconsin and spend ten precious, vibrant days with him. In our talks, Dad was already preparing to drop his body. In fact, he gave us three months notice and by golly, he held true to that timeline.

The gift of Dad’s transition is helping me to face ‘death’ as I do so with my life. It allows me visitation to places beyond this physical plane. Dad’s essence remains in my heart and outwardly he manifests in the wildness of nature, especially in the hawks that keep appearing overhead. Or maybe those are buzzards??!
I can hear Dad laughing now.

Here we are bringing closure to this challenging year of 2011, filled with lightening-speed arrivals and departures. Sending you and yours safe journeys, love and joy during this holiday season.

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