If we create our own reality, why are you still here?

There is a old Zig Ziglar saying, “Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time.” I’m grateful to have ‘hit 2012’ and participate in this heart-based, transformational time in history.

My intention for this tipping-point year is summed up in one word: COLLABORATION. To me, this is more than attempting cooperation or simply putting up with others. First, Inner Collaboration is an acute awareness of how I’m weaving my conscious will (ego) with that of this gracious life force. Outer Collaboration is then selectively linking with others who share their clear intentions, working together on a fun, common vision. Innate creativity grows exponentially from practicing inner and outer collaboration. The end result is more joy and hopefully, more healing of our planet.

To discover and share your intentions for 2012, join us for the Gifts of Pro-Aging™ Series.
“Your Vision for 2012 & Beyond”
What opportunities would you like to pursue in 2012?
Is there one word that sums up your intention for this year?
What important changes are you ready to make?
Who will help make the journey fun and inspiring?
What helpful habit are you willing to develop to support your vision?

Join Marcia for this collaborative intention setting event!
Saturday, January 14th, 2012

11 am PST / 1 pm CST/ 2 pm EST
This free public call will last up to one hour
Call In Number: 218-339-4600
Access Code: 640174#
To reserve your “Seat”, email Marcia@MarciaNewman.com
or leave your reservation request at 805-750-3759.

Wishing you and your loved ones amazing grace in this New Year!

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