If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats

Things are up in the air! As you ‘take off’ in 2011, are you cramped in coach sitting between two people?
Or is this the year to go for the upgrades in life?!

The field of aviation has always fascinated me. Back in my 30’s, I even to went to flight school and recently came across my pilot logbook (sigh). No doubt, flying a plane brought me an outward sense of freedom (and OK, fright too). In fact, I think my saintly flight instructors probably sustained ear damage from a few of my loud, freaked-out screams during my flight lessons.

So who and what’s piloting your plane these days? Starting a new year, I just had to poke fun of the old adage God is my co-pilot. Leave it to the ego to put ‘God’ in the co-pilot seat!
Honestly, if contentment is what I really want in these moments, then my self will does have its place–in the right seat.

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