How much time do we have?

Sitting in a recent memorial service for a friend, I was deeply moved by the gift that was extended to those of us who gathered to pay our respects. In fact, R-E-S-P-E-C-T was given in full Aretha-style, as her niece beautifully belted out the tune for her Aunt Sharon amidst hand-clapping and back-up vocals from our chairs.

We never know how much time we still have here on Earth. Decades? A few years? Days? Hours? Moments? That’s the great mystery, isn’t it. As I looked around the memorial room, I felt such a deep preciousness of this human journey. My heart opened wider and tears started pouring out my eyes and down my face, leaving precious droplets on my lap. More mascara-tears poured out of me while my understanding grew. There was no familiar public-masking or needing to provide an apology for my emotions. Exposure of my grief and my joy was happening without having to check out what other people’s comfort-levels were set at.  I felt free and so alive.

Thank you, Sharon for your heart-felt driven life and all that you have given over the years. I trust that you’re flying free as well.

Be well and give tender-care to yourself and others.


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