Holy Shift!

Just like my youngest grandnephew, I’ve taken up wrestling. I’m the one on the ground, repeatedly, trying to wrestle another layer of my own feelings of insufficiency! Back in the 80’s as a budding therapist, I flash on my Pepperdine psychology professors warning me of “the dangers of giving self-disclosure to our clients”. The truth is, I’m amazed what I’m learning from experiencing a richer range of feelings these days. Emotion City is filled with the good ones, the bad and the ugly.

We’re ripe to wrestle with and move beyond our feelings of insufficiency. I’ve seen my own attachment in wearing these badges of ‘not good enough’ or ‘please rescue me’. Yet, how does one learn to consistently trust oneself? Practice…lots of practice. This does not mean going it alone, isolated away in one’s office or seeking to sit under a bodhi tree to emulate Buddha. In fact, it means the opposite. It may mean venturing into new territories, getting fresh input of others and to find the best teachers who clearly ‘see us’. I say, let’s get busy being ourselves! For what purpose? So this mission can be filled with more Self Acceptance, Happiness, Health, Healing, Growth, Fun and Service.

It’s time to realize how much power we have in our lives–the power to step forward and take responsibility for the quality of our lives, for extending our gifts to others and restoring reverence for our Mother Earth. Playfully and seriously, I call this making a Holy Shift! If this calls to you, let’s make it so.

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