Have Heart, Will Travel

While unpacking my trusty suitcase from a recent trip to England, I realized that I’ve been bitten (again) by the travel bug. Several years had passed with no international travel (hence no bug exposure). Yet, going over the large pond (that would be the Atlantic), it unleashed the-you-know-what. Yes, the travel bug thing it’s back and I’m not alone. This trip graced me with a more solid link to the great Divine. Plus, it connected me with other global gypsies, many of them healers in their own way. We are fellow travelers, naturally wired to keep this caravan moving to the pulse of life. Granted, a part of my body is still somewhere over the Atlantic, but my hungry, passionate heart got absolutely fed. Yum-yum. Amen.

What really fills your core these days? Are you taking the time to be re-fueled by life? Are you having fun yet? As I’ve shared before, well-being is a necessity, not a luxury. I cannot do the work that I do, unless I’m grounded in something other than my oh-so-serious ego. One must feed one’s soul. There’s nothing more unappealing than the blind trying to inspire the blind. Certainly, I’m not void of my share of blind ego. It’s a daily practice for me, this inner and outer journey of waking up. Gratitude abounds as I continue to be able to work with others in this capacity. Thank you, my dear clients (and any friends and family held hostage here in blog-newsletter-land).

What’s the theme this time? One of my favorite lessons from the Course of Miracles states; When I am healed, I am not healed alone. Embedded in this blog’s message is the theme of our interconnectedness. May the travel bug bring sweetness to your summer journeys. Have heart, will travel. I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

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