Embracing Life- the ‘Come As You Are’ Party

I got another glimpse of what happens when we do this pro-aging work. Last week, I finished writing “Free Your Hair, The Rest Will Follow” Study Guide which includes these questions;
What does the color of your hair communicate to the world? What does it communicate to yourself?
Do you think there is a certain age when you won’t care about looking old?
In your ideal fantasy, what would that age be?

My story continues as I was on my way to receive a massage to help relieve the writer’s cramps in my fingers and back. Typically, I don’t schedule with a male masseuse because, well, it’s just too darn confronting to have him see “all my aging stuff”. But that day, ‘Tony the MT’ was scheduled into my life.
As I prepared to leave for the appointment, I passed by my cosmetic (vanity) table filled with all my cover-ups. Feeling great (except for the muscle cramps), I found myself heading out the door without a single stitch of make-up.

As it turns out, my massage pro-aging experiment was conducted by the most respectful, gifted-healer-young man (not to mention his killer music-playlist that smashes any new-age stereotype of what massage music should sound like).

Afterwards, I sat in my car in waves of gratitude, tears streaming down my face. In those moments, I realized I no longer cared how old my body is or how my face looked. I only wanted to feel this level of aliveness and appreciation. Then another remarkable thing happened. Knowing I needed to run some more errands ‘in public’; I reached for my purse which carries my mobile bag of make-up (always a back-up stash). Another moment of decision making—I paused and connected to my breath.

More realization followed; there was nothing more to cover up. Make-up was not going to provide me any more relief; I was already in comfort. Exhilarated with this increased freedom, I completed my public errands in a new fashion for this ‘come-as-you-are’ party!

Granted, I still prefer to wear make-up when I go out. Yet, something continues to shift for this 52 year-old.
My ego’s obsessive attachment to negative aging thoughts and how I look continue to be lifted.
Bottomline, if we allow ourselves to do this inner and outer work, amazing ‘shift happens’!

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