Birthing 2012: Be pulled from the Vision, not pushed by the pain

This Valentine’s and with the news of Whitney Houston’s passing, I’m reminded of the finest qualities of human love. Our delicate, yet powerful human connection can become an express lane to conscious growth. In my love-lifetime, I’ve earned two black belts; one in success and the other in misery. If we are the Cupid we’ve been waiting for, what kinds of arrows do we now choose to send out?
On this topic, I’m pulled to write this month about the Individual Heart and our Society Heart including recent input from an evolutionary educator (and grande dame)–Barbara Marx Hubbard.
Keep remembering to let other people know they matter.

I lean forward in my chair, open to 82 year-old Barbara Marx Hubbard share her wisdom. She is the President of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Social Innovator, author of five books and the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s most recent book The Mother of Invention.

In 1984, her name was placed in nomination for the Vice-Presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket and received over 200 delegate votes. At that time she was proposing a ‘Peace Room’ in the office of the Vice Presidency to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world.

On a recent Friday evening, a surprisingly small group of us gathered in Westlake Village to listen to this snow-white haired marvel. She is a fresh response to a culture that makes our wise elders invisible. Yet, Barbara has become more beautifully visible to those who have the eyes to recognize her mentoring gifts.

We heard concrete examples of conscious collaboration from her Santa Barbara neighbor and friend, Dr. Barbara Fields, Executive Director for The Association for New Global Thought (and an amazing self-proclaimed computer geek). For instance, “Meta Civics” (not your normal high-school civics class) is about citizen visionaries in compassionate service. Dr. Fields emphasized the impact of our local participation. “Omni-Local is Global”.

Together they spoke of our one living planetary body. Our systemic breakdowns require new systemic approaches that must be sustainable. We are birthing a new world and like any birth, it starts out messy. Even new forms of social governance are emerging which can include a less adversarial type of Democracy.

How can we each help birth this rising consciousness?
To me, it is a matter of practice. How present am I to each moment– each breath?
How grateful is my heart today (no matter what is happening on the outside)?
The heart of a Society is influenced by the hearts of individuals. When individual hearts continue to be fed, then New Vision can be birthed, nursed, soothed, clothed, protected and loved.

Barbara Marx Hubbard reminds us that we are in real time evolution (with no dress rehearsal). She is not proclaiming a fear-based message for 2012. Like many on the leading edge, she speaks from her intuitive glimpses, an energized message not pushed by pain but pulled from the Vision of hope, love and collaboration.

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