Learning from the cow pasture

I watch cows.
One memory from our recent Nova Scotia family vacation was in fact, watching cows. As some of you may know, I’m very familiar with the bovine species. As a recovering farm girl; I’ve logged hours milking them, baling hay for them, even helping with the birth of some of them. Let’s just say “we’ve met”.

Ok, so back to the story. There I was sitting quietly in this North Atlantic seaside-pastoral setting.
Nearby, I heard this tractor approaching. The farmer stopped. I watched him slowly get off his steed–a mighty wheeled, John Deere. He walked over and opened a large, wooden gate into an amazing green field filled with fresh clover.

These cows were watching his every move. Then he called out for them to come!
Kicking up their hoofs, these happy-feet cows, ran immediately towards him and into the newly opened green pasture. It was a delight to witness this very kind farmer, who was making sure his cows were well fed and content.

I thought, “Wow, what if I could trust life like the cows trust”?

Cows don’t seem to stand around questioning the farmers’ motives. Can you imagine a herd of cud-chewing, worried heifers, standing around repeating “where’s our next pasture, where’s are next pasture?!”
No, they appear to relax and enjoy the one they’re already in.
And when the farmer does arrive, you bet they’re glad to see him!
This gentle farmer takes good care of them and for that, they trust.

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