Protect Your Wild Child

Dear Ones,

Whew! I’m feeling more relaxed and grateful after having some needed time off. Jim and I had a beautiful trip to the Central Coast of California. Thank goodness for Mother Nature!

It brings out my inner wild child and she loves her freedom. As tough as the Pandemic was, I found relief from not having to make so many decisions. With fewer choices, I had less things crammed into my calendar. I found more freedom in saying ‘No’ because it was the healthier choice for me and my loved ones.

Now, as things are opening up without so many filters, my wild child is feeling threatened. She doesn’t like the increased noise and busyness that is encroaching on her sacred territory. In fact, she’s kinda pissed off. I’m paying close attention to this inner wisdom.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s not-so-overjoyed by all this “unlockdown”. I’m sending you support to listen to yourself and follow your own pace. Monitor…Monitor. No need to get sucked into the encroaching expectations of others or these growing demands we are so use to placing on ourselves.

Take good care,


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