5 Simple Steps to Cradle Your Creative Leaps!

Every creative act requires a leap in awareness. In one moment a creative idea doesn’t exist and then inspiration flows. Voilà! and that creative act is now part of our conscious world. As we enter Twenty Ten, given the chaos of last year, doesn’t it feel like a new palette of colors or a fresh perspective is required? Fortunately, we have the opportunity to tap into a powerful, fresh stream of vital, creative energy pouring upon our planet and through each one of us. This stream of light and consciousness is freely available for your own creative response, whether you’re want to create better health, more business prosperity, or start a global project. This month I’m sharing 5 simple steps to cradle your creative leaps that I’ve found invaluable in my own life.

Step 1. Get Clear & Current.
Take the time in stillness to discover your creative desires. What is it that’s calling you in this new year? Get clear on your current vision and write it down. If you really do these steps what you’re saying is “Okay, it’s time. I might not be perfect, the vision may not be perfect, but I’m good enough and so is the vision. And I’m ready,”

Step 2. Flush out your Naysayer.
We each have creative dreams and we each have an inner critic. Make conscious, as possible, the limiting beliefs that arise as you contemplate your creative outcomes. Write out your doubts, face them fully, decide if you’re now willing to transform your thinking. Get outside help, when necessary.

Step 3. Cradle your creative seedlings.
Creativity requires incubation time and a nursery full of compassionate care. Feed your heart and your desires with positive Affirmations, Prayer & Meditation. At times, it’s best to keep your cradling private. Your creative visions will grow and evolve like any healthy forms of life. Be patient and diligent with your process.

Step 4. Inspiration then Perspiration.
Formulate a timeline for implementing your creative vision based first from inspiration then perspiration. Listen within to your bodymind as you put your creative goals to paper. Are you feeling energized or drained? If the latter, go back to steps 1, 2 & 3. Inspiration is energizing. . Do your best to keep yourself inspired daily and in touch with your creative goals.

Step 5. Creative Leaping and finding Solid Ground.
My experience tells me if you do the footwork the openings will come for you to step into. Remember, you have the support of the Universe backing you up. Please don’t downplay yourself and play invisible. The Creator of all has blessed us with our ability to co-create. It’s supposed to be fun as we share our creative responses with others. In 1962 Decca Records turned down the Beatles after an audition, declaring, “We don’t like their sound and guitar groups are on their way out.” If your creative genius is not being appreciated by another, move along by applying one of my favorite words—‘NEXT’! Only then will you find that all your leaping has landed you on solid ground.

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  1. Aliye Cullu says:

    Thank you for the 5 Steps. Very wise and wholistic.
    Your courage and determination to move into your Allness is inspiring, Marcia. Your Website is lovely, user friendly, and chock full of goodies. More power to you!

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