5 BodyMind Tips of How to Thrive through the Holidays

1. Envision the holidays as YOU would like them to be.

This exercise begins with identifying your own preferences this season. This one is a challenge for most people pleasers. Identify your own desires that are not based on what you think others would like or what others think that you should like. Remember, put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others!

You can play the victim to current circumstances or get current by designing your life experiences during this holiday season. After all, when you are true to you, ultimately, it will benefit others. Take a moment to think about how you would like to feel over the next month. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel energized, healthier, stronger and more positive as you enter the New Year? Think about how and whom you would spend your time with. Does that plan feel like it will help you to thrive through the holidays and beyond?

2. Create a Holiday Spending/Energy Plan.

Write down all the people you would like to acknowledge (with a gift or otherwise) during this holiday season. Now get realistic about your time, money and energy resources.

Write out your Spending/Energy plan for how you plan to acknowledge these loved ones with a gift of your presence and/or an actual gift. If in doing your Spending/Energy Plan you begin to feel tired, start over and simplify it some more. Go to holiday gatherings that you WANT to attend and eliminate those feel like you SHOULD attend. Life gets better when we let go of guilt.

3. Tend to your Inner Life.

Being a good little introvert, this one is my favorite.
Take daily quality time for meditation, prayer and inspirational resources to feed your heart. Don’t wait until you’re falling into bed, exhausted from trying to feed everyone or everything else in this world. An excellent resource for daily tending of your heart is Prem Rawat at www.wopg.org

Who and what feels juicy to you? And less juice? Writing (journaling) on the answers to these questions is an excellent way to flush out your current state of being. If you recognize some repeating negative patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, physical body and relationships, get help!

4. We like to Move it, Move it.

Ok, I admit, I’m a Madagascar movie buff. Who can resist moving to those little dancing lemurs? Take a break. Breathe! Spend a few less hours in the stores, in front of the TV, your computer. And take that cell phone out of your hand! Give yourself a gift of more walks with Mother Nature. Yes, that includes leaving your cell behind or shutting it off!

Movement/exercise will help you to live a more present centered life and curb your holiday emotional eating.

5. Make Peace with you Past

Are you holding on to resentment to a past employer, family member, former friend or ex-lover? You can’t fully appreciate your life if you’re still holding onto a negative story. Resentment blocks your precious life energy from moving forward. Bitterness disintegrates your cellular structure. Anger is usually a cover-up to feeling the more vulnerable emotions such as fear, shame and hurt. Make a commitment to making peace with your past. Talk to a trusted friend or professional who can assist you to drain the pain of resentment.

Join me in an experiment. As you gaze across the holiday table, see at least one positive aspect about every person or situation that you encounter. Feed your own level of well-being and uplift those around you with your appreciation.

What do you think about these BodyMind Tips?
Please post you own ‘Holiday Healing’ thoughts.
Warmest Wishes to You & Yours from Marcia Newman.

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  1. Jim says:

    Marcia, your entire website is awesome and oh, did I mention, it’s awesome! Congratulations 1000X.
    Your tips for creating sanity during the Holidays are great. Remember, 80 years ago everyone walked everywhere or rode a horse. Our physical activity levels were phenomenal. We are designed for movement; in fact, we had to chase our food or run quickly so we did not become someone else’s food. Have a blast doing activities you enjoy, yes, even in the colder weather! Congrats Marcia, and thanks again for sharing your helpful and heart-felt materials.
    Jim (Dr. James Barrass, D.C.)

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