In these continued challenging times, experienced help is here for you.

  • Tired of trying to manage your anxiety, fears, and doubts on your own?
  • Are you having difficulty learning to accept things as they are and/or making some needed changes?
  • Are you experiencing repeated struggles in your relationship with others, partner or spouse?
  • As you’re aging, are you finding that critical (fear-based) voice inside your head, becoming louder?

I offer offer Adult Individual and Couples Therapy / Consultations. 

My specialties focus on life transitions, anxiety reduction, trauma healing, relationship and marriage support, career and retirement planning, and aging wellness.   My forte is providing the best tools of modern psychology integrated with the teachings of ancient wisdoms.  Building courage, hope and gratitude are three basic tenants of this work and will foster a more fulfilling life for you.

If you are interested in speaking and/or to schedule an appointment, you can contact me at

Email:  Marcia@MarciaNewman.com

Or call/text:  805-750-3759


Marcia Newman, MA, LMFT is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC#43065), Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #1851) and Wisconsin Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT #421).

Marcia is also a Certified Clinical Telemental Health (online) Provider.

Conscious Aging Offerings:  Stay tuned for Marcia’s new Website in 2022 and Workshop/ Retreat Offerings!



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To help support Marcia’s work, please buy her Book from the Balboa Press website (royalties are slightly higher).

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Five Gifts of Pro-Aging:  Honoring Maturity in a Culture That Could Use It

In her timely guidebook, Boomer therapist, Marcia Newman brings a fresh response to our American anti-aging culture that targets women to find their value in remaining youthful looking.  Five Gifts of Pro-Aging was born out of Marcia’s own aging crisis and her three decades of professional work with women who have found themselves increasingly obsessed with the insatiable practice of nip, tuck, highlight, laser and fill.  Through humor and her no-nonsense style, Marcia provides valuable tips, motivational questions, and personal stories to help you age consciously and comfortably.

Five Gifts of Pro-Aging will help you to:

  • Take stock of your own aging phobia
  • Uncover from prolific social stigmas about growing older
  • Learn about feminine carry-over behaivors and how to transform them
  • Clear up unfinished business and bring honor to your maturity
  • Feed your seasoned inner animal with the gift of wildness
  • Join with other Pro-agers in the Conscious Aging Movement and to help bring the humane back into humanity